Good Vibes – Longboarding into the night at Dyer Park

Longboarding into the night with nothing but High Fives and Positive Vibes!
Me and a few friends took a ride out to Dyer Park in Palm Beach, South Florida in February 2016.
We had a fun time riding this smooth and mellow hill right next to a lake.

Good Vibes – Longboarding at Dyer Park in Palm Beach, Florida.

Skaters: Mark, Savannah, Romel, Jesus, and Romels Dad!
Edited by Mark Harris. Music by Rebelution.

I was riding a hollow tech prototype. This is the same board I took 83 miles at 2016 Ultra Skate. This board is not just good for distances it is also great for mild downhill, freeride and some freestyle. The kicktails are functional, even with 85mm Seismic Speed Vents, I can still hold out manuals on it. 8 ply Maple Symmetrical 43×10 inch. One inch drop. Top-Mounted.

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