It’s Lit – E Kick Tech Skate Lights

First things first, here is a perfect example of how hard it is to see skaters at night. When I recorded this, I did not know my friend was going to be skitching on a random Jeep!

E-Kick Technologies sent me some prototypes to test for them in the beginning of 2016.
I got to try the Torpedo Lights M III, and the updated version, The Torpedo Lights M IV. Both versions work amazing! They really keep you LIT out there in the night. Here’s Proof:
Day One Video. Mark Harris skating through traffic with Skate Lights. Fort Lauderdale.

From Experience, I know how dangerous the roads can be. I was in a hit and run accident in late 2015. I did not have lights at the time, but thank god I had my helmet. I was skating home from the beach one day. I was in the bike lane and a car turned right into me without using a turning signal. I flew over the car, they left me there with no witnesses, in the dark with a dead phone… I survived with a fractured wrist, a torn ligament in my collar bone, and nerve damage in my foot.
4 Months after my hit and run accident, at 2016 Ultra Skate. I skated 87 miles in 24 hours.

2016 Ultra Skate Stats for Mark Harris
2016 I.D.S.A. Ultra Skate Stats for Mark Harris

My Triple Eight Helmet Saved me. So I highly suggest you buy a helmet first, and then skate lights second. Because, it’s obvious, Skaters are really HARD to see at night… Luckily E Kick Tech is here to help.
E KICK TECH Torpedo Lights Mark IV: Coming SOON! on Kickstarter (for a limited time, $65 introductory price)

Question: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see White Headlights and Rear Tail lights?
If you have ever been outside, the first thing that should come to your mind is, A VEHICLE.
That’s right. Now you get more respect while riding down the road. Thanks to E Kick, Drivers can actually see you from far away. The white/red lights are an obvious sign that a vehicle is on the road.

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